Jun 02

Thetford AC host Quadkids Series – Victory for Isabel Smythe

It was Thetford AC’s turn to host the latest round of the Quadkids Athletics series. It proved to be a great day with a record list of entries and many great performances.  During the Quad Kids competitions athletes are tested across 4 events which includes a sprint, endurance run, howler throw and long jump. The athletes score points depending on how they do in each event and the points are totalled up at the end to give each athlete an overall points total.


In the year 4 and 5 boys category, Thomas Norkett finished with 185 points (75m: 12.2, 600m: 2:22, howler throw: 24.7m and standing long jump: 1.63m). Ronnie Hughes had a total of 147 points (75m: 13.2, 600m: 2:31, howler throw: 22.5m and standing long jump: 1.32m). Giles Attfield completed the day with 200 points, (75m: 12.0, 600m: 2.11, howler throw: 25.2m and standing long jump: 1.65m).  Competing in his first competition, Lucas Rose finished with 217 points earning him 3rd place overall (75m: 11.6, 600m: 2.07, howler throw: 27.1 and standing long jump: 1.75m).

The only thetford athlete in the year 4 and 5 girls age group, also competing for the first time, was Caoimhe Campbell. She finished with 94 points (75m: 15.0, 600m: 2:32, howler throw: 6.4m and standing long jump: 1.40m).

In the year 6 and 7 boys age category, Charlie Garrod finished in 4th place with 217 points (100m: 15.0, 800m: 3.02, howler throw 36.4m and long jump: 3.36m). Ewan Peck finished with 211 points, (100m: 14.9, 800m: 2.58, howler throw: 31.6m and long jump 3.55m).  Jacob Campbell, making his debut for Thetford, completed the day with 54 points (100m: 18.6, 800m: 3.52, howler throw: 9.9m and long jump: 1.81m).

In the year 6 and 7 girls age group, Isabel Smythe was victorious, winning the age group with 221 points (100m: 14.7, 800m: 2:47, howler throw: 27.1m and long jump: 3.79m). Alicia Mae Howard finished the day with 165 points (100m: 16.0, 800m: 3.12, howler throw 24.7m and long jump: 3.06m.  Evie Harris, also in the same age group, finished with 157 points (100m: 15.8, 800m: 2:43, howler throw: 19.2m and long jump: 2.60m).

This rounded up a great day of performances for the Thetford youngsters. The next round of the Quadkids series will be held at Gresham’s School, Holt on Sunday 24th June.