Jun 02

Quad Kids Norwich

The first in the popular Quad Kids series was held at the Sportspark, University of East Anglia and proved a successful day for the young Thetford AC athletes. During the Quad Kids competitions athletes are tested across 4 events which includes a sprint, endurance run, howler throw and long jump. The athletes score points depending on how they do in each event and the points are totalled up at the end to give each athlete an overall points total.

In the Year 4&5 event Alfie Findlay (80m: 12.5, 600m: 2:13, long jump: 1.67m and howler: 22.3m) came 7th overall.

Monty Findlay (80m: 12.7, 600m: 2:25, long jump: 1.83m, howler: 20.7m) came 10th overall.

Thomas Norkett (80m: 12.6, 600m: 2.21, long jump: 1.56m, howler: 18.5m) came 16th overall.

Ronnie Hughes came 23rd overall (80m: 14.0, 600m: 2:34, long jump: 1.45m, howler: 23.0m).


In the Year 6&7 event Ewan Peck came 7th overall (100m: 15.5, 800m: 3:10, long jump: 3.60m, howler: 29.9m).

Isabel Smythe came 2nd overall and claimed the silver medal (100m: 15.3, 800m: 2:52, long jump: 3.82m, howler: 22.1m).

Alicia-Mae Howard came 10th overall (100m: 16.9, 800m: 3.13, long jump: 3.20m, howler: 21.5m).


The next event in the Quad Kids series will be held on May 19th in Thetford.