May 19

Quadkids Report


The second round of the Quadkids series was held at the Grammar School and was hosted by Thetford AC. The event consists of all competitors earning points by contesting the Long Jump, Howler throw, Sprint and 600m/800m run.

Representing Thetford AC in the Year 4&5 boys event was Monty Findlay (9th with 185 points), Charlie Fowler (11th with 179 points), Archie Jackson (14th with 161 points) and Connor Burgess (21st with 127 points).

Contesting the Year 4&5 girls competition were Olivia Pitchford (10th with 167 points), Rosie-Mae Jackson (16th with 141 points), Lexi Aldridge (19th with 135 points), Caoimhe Campbell (22nd with 121 points) and Lila Pitchford (23rd with 118 points).

In the Year 6&7 Boys competition were Thetford athletes Lucas Rose (6th with 205 points), Giles Atfield (8th with 203 points), Jacob Campbell (10th with 183 points), Alfie Findlay (13th with 160 points) and Thomas Norkett (16th with 127 points).

The sole representative of Thetford AC in the Year 6&7 Girls competition was Alicia Mae Howard. Alicia finished in 3rd place with 184 points to take home the bronze medal.

All Thetford AC athletes were fantastic and for several, it was their first experience of a Quadkids competition.