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Suffolk Winter League

Races are held at 11am on Sunday mornings.  £4 per person, payable on the day to the team captain.  Kids races start earlier, check email for times.


Date Location
4th November 2018 Framlingham
2nd December 2018 Woodbridge
20th January 2019 Haughley Park (Provisional)
17th Feb 2019 Bury
10th March 2019 Fritton Lake
24th March 2019 Haverhill


Updated 9th September 2018

1 The League is to be known as the “Suffolk Winter League”. If, at any time, there is a sponsor for the League, their name shall prefix Suffolk Winter League.

2 The League is open to all Suffolk Clubs and those that border Suffolk (upon a vote by existing members) and these must be affiliated to the relevant, National, Regional and Local Athletics Authorities.

  1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each August/September to determine subscription fees and costs. To this end, the League will elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.        
  1. The League will hold five or six fixtures, dependant on the voting at the AGM. At the AGM the fixture dates for the forthcoming season will be set. Each host club will ensure that:

a- The course length is closest to 8Km or 5 Miles.

b- A Race Permit is sought for the event.

c- A Risk Assessment is carried out as per UK Athletics and locally agreed standards.

d- Medical facilities are in place commensurate with current legislation with an Ambulance or Paramedic on site.

e- A Race Referee is appointed.

f- Recording sheets and envelopes are provided for all teams as well as cloakroom tickets for race finishers. A means of collecting race day fees from participating clubs must also be in place.

g- FREE beverages are provided for competitors after the race.

5 The League is to be self-financing in that monies paid into the accounts are only used to pay for trophies, administration costs and the assistance for host Clubs in paying for medical assistance at races.

  1. The League has its own Clubs and Charities Bank Account with Barclays and has two signatories, the Chairman and the Secretary.
  1. Competing Clubs shall ensure that their members wear club vests of the same design for each race.
  1. A team comprises of the first seven men and the first four ladies (of any age category) from that club. If a club has enough runners for more than 1 team then the next 7 men and 4 women make up the next team.

This will include those finishers who make up a composite team*. However, within each race, the men’s, ladies, and team results will be made up separately.

(* Two clubs may combine together to form a composite team. In exceptional circumstances more then two clubs may combine together, but only with approval at the A.G.M.).

  1. Team Scoring: The 1st man to cross the line scores maximum points eg:400, 2nd 399, 3rd 398 and so on. The 1st women to cross the line scores 250 points, 2nd 249, 3rd 248 and so on.

The maximum score is to be flexible on the basis of the size of the field at each race.

  1. Age groups: Men’s categories are Junior(16-19), Senior(20-39), V40(40-44), V45(45-49), V50(50-54), V55(55-59), V60(60-64), V65(65-69) and 70+.

Women’s categories are Junior(16-19), senior(20-34), V35(35-39), V40(40-44), V45(45-49), V50(50-54), V55(55-59), V60(60-64), V65(65-69) and 70+.

Age group is decided by the runners’ age on the day of the first event in the series.

  1. Individual Scoring: Each age category is scored separately, 1st place scores 1 point, 2nd 2 points, 3rd 3 points and so on.

Runners have to run 4 races to qualify, if all 6 races are completed then the best 4 scores count.

  1. The minimum age for a competitor in the senior race shall be 16 years on the first race date.

13 There shall be No Guest Runners unless pre-approved by the Secretary of the League or the Race Director and the Race Referee.

  1. The Junior Run should take place before the start of the Senior race unless course is impractical. The length of this run shall be no more than 4 kilometres or 2½ miles (normally one circuit of the Senior Course) No athlete under the age of 11 years is to run.
  1. Age groups for the Junior event are U13, U15 and U17. Age group determined by age on the 1st of September immediately before the first event in the series.
  1. No audio devices (ipods etc) are to be worn during races. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the offending individual being disqualified from the race in question.