Jun 27

24 Hour Endurance Run

Huge congratulations are in order for TAC’s Phill Bower who took on the challenge of  running in a 24 hour event. Last year with friend and work colleague Mark they completed 121 miles over the 24 hours and decided that they would take on the challenge again and try and beat that target.
Again the event had great conditions for running the 5 mile XC loop and things started off well as they were completing laps in a comfortable 50 minutes.
There was a much stronger entry in the pairs this year and initially they were holding 6th place,
Keeping the rhythm going they actually moved up to 3rd as the light was fading.
Unfortunately around 10pm Mark started to feel ill and was unable to keep any food down, he did attempt to carry on but lack of food forced him to drop out for 3 hrs..
Never the less Phill kept his stints going and worked through the night running around the 1hr mark for the loop then feeding /resting over the next hour.
Amazingly they moved up into 2nd but eventually finished in 3rd covering 111 miles .
Phill would like to add thanks to crazy Sabine and Sandra B for their support while jogging around the loop with him and and Kelly B for the bacon sandwich early Sunday morning.
Phill is already thinking of a new strategy/plan to take on this massive event next year.