Mar 10

European Duathlon Championships

With blue skies and warm light winds Punta Umbria (Spain) was the perfect location for Simon and Charlotte Smith to take part in the 2020 European Duathlon Championships. For Simon is was due to be a double race weekend taking part in both the Sprint race (5k run, 20k bike, 2.5k run) and the Standard distance (10k run, 36k bike, 5k run). The sprint race took part on Saturday with Simon excelling with some superb run and bike splits to finish in 1:01:53 for 16th place in his age group. On the Sunday Charlotte enjoyed the amazing Standard distance course of smooth tarmac and beautiful coastal stretches of road to finish her first GBR experience in 2:09:31 and 4th in her age group. Unfortunately for Simon his second race of the weekend was cut short after sustaining a foot injury during the first run. He later discovered after an X-ray that he had broken a bone.