Jul 16

Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog 2018

Brandon Fern Hoppers hosted the annual Wibbly Wobbly Forest Log Jog on Friday evening at High Lodge. The event was a very warm evening 5 mile forest run through undulating paths of Thetford Forest. TAC were victorious with Louise White finishing first female overall in a time of 34:46. A good turnout for the club followed with other members posting some great times – Jason Elrick 36:02, Natalie King 38:40 (2nd female), Richard Crewe 39:15, Sabine Schaefer 39:51, Andrew Smith 42:00, Richard Povey 42:23, Shirley Standley 47:19, Kayleigh Bailey 48:03, Russell Slattery 48:05, Allison West 51:25, Clare Slattery 55:14, Ann Kirton 55:49, Corinne West 59:33.